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Get a chance to acquire legendary wing decorations from this collection!
Original Price: 699 GC

Dark Lea's Wings
Awakened Ares' Wings
Ashur's Ring
Michael's Wings
Lilith's Wings
Iris's Wings
Lucifer's Wings
Fallen Lea's Wings
Ares' Divine Wings
Dell'arte Phantom Sword
Lucifer's Rifle
Immortal Bow
Diabolic Staff
Fire Dragon's Long Spear
Deep Blue Sea Earrings
Deep Blue Sea Bracelet
High-Priest Vivian's Earrings
High-Priest Vivian's Bracelet
Atlas Ore
Atlas Ore [E]
Atlas Outfit Stone
Succubus' Boudoir
El Dorado Outfit Random Box
Summoning Book: Heisha Modi
Summoning Book: Beggar Su
Summoning Book: Master Lian Hua
Summoning Book: Dharma
Lucky Enhance Stone
Shining Gevra's Necklace
Shining Cataire's Necklace
Golden Book of Craftsmanship
Book of the Ages
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal
Secret Vial of Potential [II]
Heavenly Crystal
Growth Vial [VI]
Ancient Book of Growth
Ancient Book of Intelligence
EXP Concentration License (1 day)
EXP Concentration License (3 Hrs)
Instant Level Book (Merc. Only)
Search Song-i License (30 Days)
Research Raccoon License (30 Days)
Assault Search Soldier License (30 Days)