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Item Mall


Get a chance to obtain Rare Archangel, Minotaur, Wyvern and the limited edition Black and Red Wind mounts with the Limited Premium Package!

Original Price: 1999 GC 

Opening this box may contain one(1) of the following items:

  • Archangel Battle Cap
  • Noble Archangel Battle Cap
  • Archangel Battle Suit
  • Noble Archangel Battle Suit
  • Archangel Wings
  • Noble Archangel Wings
  • Incarnation of Archangel
  • Incarnation of Noble Archangel
  • Minotaur Battle Cap
  • Ancient Minotaur Battle Cap
  • Minotaur Battle Suit
  • Ancient Minotaur Battle Suit
  • Minotaur Wings
  • Ancient  Minotaur Wings
  • Minotaur
  • Ancient Minotaur
  • Wyvern
  • Fire Drake
  • Immortal Wyvern
  • Immortal Fire Drake
  • Black Wind
  • Red Wind
  • Archangel Outfit Box
  • Archangel Wings Decoration Box
  • Incarnation of Archangel Card
  • Ancient Minotaur Outfit Box
  • Ancient Minotaur Wings Box
  • Ancient Minotaur Card