Item Mall


Contains one of the following items when opened.

Original Price: 1490GC

ItemName QTY
Steampunk Battle Cap I Box 1
Steampunk Battle Suit I Box 1
Steampunk I Costume Set 1
Steampunk Battle Cap II Box 1
Steampunk Battle Suit II Box 1
Steampunk II Costume Set 1
Atlas Ore 100
Atlas Ore 50
Atlas Ore 10
Atlas Outfit Stone 50
Atlas Outfit Stone 30
Atlas Outfit Stone 10
Outfit Extraction Stone 10
Outfit Extraction Stone 5
Outfit Extraction Stone 2
EXP Concentration License (1 day) 1
Ancient Book of Growth 3
Ancient Book of Growth 5
Lucky Enhance Stone 5
Blessing License(1 Day/No Trade) 1
Neo ACA-II Search Robot License (1 day/ No Trade) 1
Book: Absolute Resolve [I] 1
Book: Revenge [I] 1
Book: Soul Fortitude [I] 1
Book: Crushing Blow [I] 1
Mercenary Skin Enhancement Stone 5
Extra Inventory License (Perm.) 1
Merc. Room License (Perm.) 1