Item Mall


A box that contains the Omega Wings, may also contain Atlas Ores and other summoning items.

Upon opening a box, you may get one of the following items:

ItemName QTY
Dark Omega Wings 1
Omega Wings 1
Atlas Ore 500
Atlas Ore 300
Atlas Ore 250
Atlas Ore 200
Atlas Ore 150
Atlas Ore 100
Druid's Soul-Sealing Stone 1
Odysseus' Summon Paper 1
Guan Yu's Expedition Notice 1
Sorceress Idol 1
A Class Merc. Book Box [II] (New) 2
A Class Merc. Book Box [III] (New) 1
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 150
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 60
Soul Jewel x 160 Box 1
Ancient Book of Knowledge 15
Ornate Supply Box 1