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VALOFE Atlantica service GRAND OPENING!

  • Feb. 16 2017

At long last, the ATLANTIANS and VALOFE are now joined together!

We would like to thank all the players who have bestowed us their patience and understanding from these few months.  We have promised some surprises to be announced right about now, so here they go!

Sneak Peek of future updates and events early this year

  • Increase of Level cap to 180

  • Arc Angel Gears released

  • Dark Crystal Event (Jan 19 Feb 9)

  • Valentines Event

  • Revision of the Item Mall (2Q 2017)

  • Creature (Boss and Mob) and Map Renewal (2Q 2017)

Beginning today, VALOFE promises big and better changes! These include:

  • Better support and interactions between the player and the operations team.

  • Bug fixing, on a gradual scale!

  • Development of new mercenaries!

  • Better ingame surveillance for cheaters and gold sellers.

  •  A much rewarding and better service for the returning and newly registered players

We all agree that a new year should start with new things, and we all see that changes should be done as soon as possible. VALOFE promises to implement this changes, all for you, ATLANTIANS!

Thank you reading and let's begin the new era of ATLANTICA with VALOFE!

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