Attack of the Three Evil Kings!

  • Jan. 13 2018

The day of epiphany has ended however, A king of darkness has revealed himself after the holidays to spread chaos around the continents!

During the weekends, Hundreds of Evil King clones will spawn at anywhere around the continent.

Help us restore the peace by defeating the Evil Kings J!


1. At anytime, Runaway Evil King J will spawn at any random location.

2. Players will have to defeat these kings to gain various rewards!


January 13, 2018 to January 15, 2018

Location: Surface World or Atlantis


1. Monster Invasion (Surface World/Inside Town)

2. Item Giveaway

3. EXP Bonus +100%

4. Workload Bonus +100%

5. ATK/DEF Bonus +30%

Monster Invasion Drop:

  •  Sturdy Treasure Box

  • Atlas Outfit Stone (Event)

  • Lucky Chain Letter

  • Golden Tear

  • Cure Scroll (Event)

  • Scroll of Resurrection

Item Giveaway: 

January 13~15, 2018

Are you up for the challenge, Atlantians?


Atlantica Team

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