March Mid-month Sale!

  • Mar. 15 2018

During every 15th of the month, Enjoy new additions in the item mall together with fabulous discounts! Check them out in the SALES section!

Featured Boxes!

New item mall additions! 

Tarkan's Spoils

Hong Gil Dong's Satchel

Okuni's Closet

Exclusive discounts!

Great deals that will only last for a week!

Atlas Ores - 15% off!

Atlas Ores [E] - 15% off!

Last chance to get! 25% discount!

These items will be removed at the end of the month!

Incarnation of Archangel Card [7+3]

Incarnation of Archangel Card [5+2]

Ancient Minotaur Card 5+2

Ancient Minotaur Card 3+1

Archangel Wings Decoration Box [5+2]

Archangel Wings Decoration Box [7+3]

Renewed Ancient Minotaur Decoration Box 7+3

Renewed Ancient Minotaur Decoration Box 3+1

Ariana's Treasure 5+2

Ariana's Treasure 3+1

Hurry up because these deals ain't staying forever!

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