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[NEW] Grim Reaper - Lord Kronos

  • Jan. 09 2020

In a world full of legends and myths. Everyone has a story.

Even the dreaded death himself, The Grim Reaper.

Once known as Lord Kronos, a ruthless and cunning ruler of his own empire. No one was a match for him, let alone his army. He laid siege on towns and nations that didn't side with him. Various nations fell one after the other as he continues his campaign of death and despair. As his territory grows from his victories, so did his lust for power. His bloodlust rapidly grew that he would even attack his own allied nations. Knowing that the Lord himself maybe insane, they all formed an alliance against him. Even with every odd against him, he still managed to crush his enemies and former allies.

The seemingly unstoppable Lord Kronos finally met his defeat but costed the many lives of every nation’s greatest and finest warrior. There was no cheering, only silence. There was no fanfare, only whimper. Everyone knew, it was a triumph that was empty.

His death wasn’t their victory, it was his legacy.

But unknown to them.

Death wasn't his end, it was just the beginning.

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