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Spring Seasonal Tournament Invitational!

  • May. 22 2020

Greetings Atlantians!

Spring Tournament Invitational (Date to be announce).

Requirements to join

- Minimum of 175 level Main

- Minimum of 165 level Mercenaries

- Minimum of 6 Million Might

- The character who win the Spring Seasonal Tournament will not be able to join the other seasonal tournaments for this year 2020. Other account entries will be accepted instead.

- The champion character of each Seasonal Tournament (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) will be able to join the next invitational for the year 2021.

- Characters from new servers Inca and Amazonas can’t participate. 

There will be a separate tournament exclusive for the new servers.

•To make your entry valid kindly send a screenshot of your Main/Mercenary level and might to 

GM via discord or if you encounter them in-game.

Application for entry is still open

•Participation Rewards

•[Blessing License(3 Days/Event)]

•5 [Art Gallery Pass [Event]]

Note: Registered players who aren't present on the day of the tournament will not 

be able to participate on the next seasonal tournament.

Reminder: Please ensure a stable connection before entering the match to avoid any issues and disqualifications.

Tournament Winners will win the following rewards!

Content of the Legendary Weapon Selection Box:Sharpen those swords. Polish those armors.

Drop the peaceful leniency

Prepare for a battle tendency

Employ allies that will define you.

Destroy those who dare defy you.

For only the strong will come on top.

Will you live long enough to tell the tale?

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