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Super Match Season 5

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SNS Login FAQs

  • Apr. 16 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

We would like to inform you that you can now register VFUN accounts using your SNS accounts! (Facebook, Google, and Apple ID)

You can also use them to play Atlantica Online by using the “Play” button on our official website!

How to login using SNS account:

  1. Visit our website at at.valofe.com || at.valofe.eu

  2. Go to Sign Up/Sign In.

  3. Click the icon of the available SNS.

  4. Once registered/Logged in, Click the “Play” button on our website.

  5. It will open the launcher automatically.

  6. No need to login in-game.

  7. Select server and character.

  8. Have Fun!!

For more questions, please see FAQs:

Q: What is SNS?

A: SNS stands for Social Networking Services e.g. Facebook, Google account, and Apple ID.

Q: If I create an account using my SNS, would it be linked to my current VFUN/Steam account?

A: No. SNS accounts are considered as new accounts.

Q: Can I use different SNS accounts aside from Google account, Facebook, and Apple ID?

A: No. As of now, only the three mentioned SNS are available for registration.

Q: If my Facebook account has the same email address as my Google account, will it be considered as the same account?

A: No. They are considered different accounts when you register them.

Q: Can I use my SNS accounts for both Atlantica Online NA and EU?

A: Yes. You can use your SNS accounts for both regions.

Q: Can I use my SNS account for other VFUN games?

A: Yes. Only one account is needed to play all VFUN games.

Q: Can I register/login using my handheld devices?

 A: Yes. However, you cannot play our PC games using your handheld devices.

Q: Can I top-up GCOINS using my SNS account just like with VFUN accounts?

A: Yes. Just like how we top-up in VFUN.

Q: Can I unlink or change the links to my SNS account?

A: No. Unlinking your SNS account might result in account cancelation.

Q: If my Google/Facebook/Apple ID account was deleted by their respective platform, can I still use it to login in VFUN?

A: Unfortunately, no. SNS accounts are needed in order to login to VFUN.

Q: Can I link the three SNS account into one VFUN account?

A: No. Different available SNS, different VFUN account/login.

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