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Patch Notes - July 20, 2021

  • Jul. 20 2021

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 461540! Thanks to everyone’s combined efforts, the campaign against the Lawbreakers, Outlaws and Criminals have been successful! We have protected our freedom and independence and this calls for a celebration! 

Join us on a returning event, The Hainan Fireworks Festival! 

On another news; the origin of the mysterious arcane presence has finally made itself known … - Server Refresh

- New Boxes

- New Packages

: Merlin Package

: The Auric and The Silvered Package

: Merlin High Valued Pacakge

- New Mercenary

: Wizard - Archmagus Merlin

: Merlin's Insignia - Summoning Marble

- New Merc. Skin

: Merlin: Golden Royalty

: Merlin: Silver Royalty

- New Magic w/ Skill Books

: Omniscient Sanctuary

: Mystic Rune

: Camelot's Grimoire

: Gwendolen's Touch

“The source of this magic is none other than The Arch Magus, Merlin himself who finally arrives in the world of Atlantica! 

His unmatched wizardry and omniscience have aided with the success of Britain; by the means of his prophecies foretelling of the nation’s future. King Arthur is seeking an Atlantian’s assistance as Merlin foreseen a tragic even befalling not only Camelot but the whole world of Atlantica. You as an Atlantian have the ability to change the course of history with your action and can be proven to be a very valuable ally to their plight.”

- End of Freedom Park Event

“The campaign against the Lawbreakers, Outlaws and Criminals has been successful. Hainan has been set to celebrate Fireworks Festival! Be sure to visit the festival!

- Start of Hainan Fireworks Festival

: Modified Rewards

: Enabled Random Encounters: Little Party Crashers

“The Fireworks Festival at Hainan Island has begun! 

However, Events Planner Ruka , the host of this year’s Hainan Festival, doesn’t seem to be pleased with Party Crashers sabotaging the Festival.

Seek out the Events Planner along with her assistant Klutz and see what she needs help with. 

- Atlantica Day Settings Enabled (July 24th ~ July 25th )

- Pre-load August Monthly Exploration Reward

- Merlin Package

: Contains Conjurer’s Sphere (Lv.1), Merlin Spellbook Package and 50 Ancient Martial Art Arms’ Growth Scroll

: Limited Time Package

“Merlin has finally revealed himself and can be summoned as an ally! He alongside King Arthur are seeking assistance to help with their plight and future”

- The Auric and The Silvered Package

: Contains Merlin: Silver Royalty, Merlin: Golden Royalty and 500 Mercenary Skin Enhancement Stone

: Limited Time Package

“Merlin is no slouch when it comes to formalities and such has chosen to wear the sharpest looking suit fit for part of royalty.”

: Merlin High Valued Package

: Contains Merlin Package, Merlin: Silver Royalty, Merlin: Golden Royalty and 500 Mercenary Skin Enhancement Stone

: Limited Time Package

- Flower Witch Package

: Contains Morgan le Fay: Flower Witch skin and 150 Mercenary Skin Enhancement Stone

“Morgan le Fay has been rumored to have been searching for mysterious artifacts and may have a hidden agenda regarding about it. Such rumors are hard to believe considering the person was wearing a Flowery-designed outfit”

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