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Patch Notes – April 21, 2022

  • Apr. 22 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 461730! The Easter Event continues and April is a month of new changes! Not just any changes, revamps!

This and more here on today’s patch content breakdown!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- Collection Book Set

: [NEW] Dragon Warrior Set

“You can now obtain a collection set bonus by obtaining both the No Trade and Tradable versions of the Dragon Warrior outfit set. See collection book for more details.”


: Characters Added

: (Hero) Stormcaller – Skill: Lightning Slash, Storm Master, Wildwood Regeneration

: Dark King Arthur – Skill(s): Dark Legacy, Sage Sword Excalibur, Guardian Sheath, King’s Command

: Sage King Arthur – Skill(s): Sage King’s Dignity, Sage Sword Excalibur, Guardian Sheath, King’s Command

: Lich – Skill(s): Mantle of Death, Silence of the Grave, Demon’s Sickle

: Dryad – Skill(s): Evergreen Grace, Shackles of the Thicket, Wildwood Regeneration

: Janissary – Skill: Shooting Stance

: Dark Archer – Skill(s): Multi Arrow, Silence, Deadly Shot-  End of Spring Blossom / White Day Event 2022 (Phase 2)

:  Removed Spring Gardener NPC

:  Removed Event Materials

“Spring Gardener has finally finished clearing up the scattered petals and heads back home to relax, rewarding himself and Atlantians after a month worth of work.”

- Pre-load May AO Day Setting

- [NEW] Atlas Ore Daily Bundle

: Contains a pack of Atlas Ore and Atlas Ore Daily Scroll

“Take advantage of the new Atlas Ore Daily Bundle which gifts more Ores as you login per day! Obtain a pack of Atlas Ore upon purchase as well as the Day 0’s Daily Atlas Ore!”Necromancer: Riva Faust Skill Adjustments

Watchful Soul – Necromancer gains Evasion.

[Added Effect] Buffs the entire ally formation with Def and Magic Def for 2 Turns. Cooldown 3 Turns. (Passive)

Blood Curse – Casts a curse on a single target enemy decreases the target’s Action Power.

[Added Effect] Inflicts Guard Dispel and inflicts Silence.

If the target is affected by Lich’s “Silence of the Grave”, decreases the target’s Defense.

Dark Mists – Increases target ally’s Attack Power but reduces their Accuracy. If cast on a target enemy inflicts Silence and reduces their Accuracy.

Resurrection – [NEW] Revives up to 3 allies in a column. Revived allies then gain Action Power. However, the caster dies upon activating this skill.

(Cannot resurrect allies that are dead for more than 2 turns.)

Base Stats – Riva Faust’s overall stats have been slightly increased.

- Sheriff: Christine Skill Adjustments

Arrest - Decreases the Action Power of the entire enemy's formation.

Revolver Rush - Increases the entire enemy's formation Combo Count by 1.

Steady Stance –  Increases the caster’s Combo Rate and Attack Power.

[Added Effect] Increases Christine's Dexterity, Accuracy, and Critical.

Quick Draw - Increased chance of triggering an extra attack.

[Added Effect] Recovers Action Power.

Base Stats - Christine’s overall stats have been slightly increased.

- Dungeon: Coyote Valley

: Added Drops – [NEW] Brilliant Soul Stone, [NEW] Crafting Vials, and Scaling Equipment Boxes

: Mobs now are level scaling – Item Drops based on player’s level

: Dungeon Boss – increased HP

: Mecha Tarantula Mobs now have increased Min-Max Damage

: Exchange Brilliant Soul Stone for items from Merchant Mercurius

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