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Patch Notes - March 9, 2023

  • Mar. 09 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 461940!

The Natasha patch is now live! Introducing Natasha, the Assassin, a knight class under the dual blade category! Natasha will be added to today’s update, including corresponding magic skill books, skins and weapon type.

On another news, Sweet Valentines 2023 will be ending this update! Any leftover Proof of Loves can be surrendered to Queen of Valentines for her sweet exchange prizes!

With that in mind, St. Patrick’s Day returns as our March event! Featuring returning and new rewards! Talk to Abigail to help out in this month’s St. Patricks’ Day!

This and more here in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

-  Outfit

: [NEW] Viking Chieftain

: [NEW] Viking Warrior

- Decoration

: [NEW] Alpha Spirit Wolf’s Protection

: [NEW] Spirit Wolf’s Protection

- Mount

: [NEW] Viking’s Hunting Eagle

: [NEW] Viking’s Scouting Eagle

- Collection Set

: [NEW] Viking Chieftain

“The Vikings are the toughest inhabitants of the Northlands! To them the cold is just another windy day. They are formidable warriors who would take down even the mightiest of mountain giants and other outlandish beasts they can encounter.

Embrace the spirit of the Vikings! Collect the Viking Set and receive a special collection bonus!”

- New Mercenary

: [NEW] Assassin

: Knight Class, Dual Sword Wielder

Features New Skills:

: [NEW] Shadow’s Strike – chance to deal additional damage in a column

: [NEW] Shadow’s Mark – reduces targets’ defense and inflicts damage per turn

: [NEW] Blood Oath – reduces incoming damage and applies resistance to self

: [NEW] Avenger – increases evasion, multi-hit, attack power and critical to self

“You can check out more details on Natasha’s kit in our special Natasha post!”

Natasha - New Mercenary

- New Skill Book

: [NEW] Natasha Skill Book ( I ~ IV)- End of Sweet Valentine 2023 (Part 1)

: Disabled cocoa fruit world drops from monsters

: Disabled Valentines hourly rewards

: Queen of Valentines exchange stays until next update

“Queen of Valentines thanks everyone for another successful chocolate production! All ‘Proof of Loves’ have been donated to all the loved ones and all leftover Cocoa have been given away.”

- Start of St. Patrick’s Day 2023

: Green Foody exchange shop returns in Rome Gate

: Abigail Daily Quest returns in Rome Gate

: St. Patrick’s Hourly reward enabled

: Event monsters summoned on the following areas:

-> Dublin, Beijing, Titan’s Door Outpost, Lyon, and New York

: Additional exchange rewards added to Green Foody’s shop

“Green Foody and her assistant Abigail returns to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Atlantica! Obtain the new Viking Warrior outfit set by exchanging shiny tokens in Green Foody’s shop!

Need help in gathering Leprecoins? Talk to Abigail as she knows just the monsters to get sweet coins from!”

- Natasha Special 7 Days Login Rewards

: March 9 until the next update

“To kick things off with Natasha’s arrival, login for special bonuses and limited time buffs! Be sure to login every day and get all limited daily rewards!”

- Chief Viking’s Set

”Obtain the Viking’s set through the Chief Viking’s random box! Split between Outfit, Decoration and Mounts! Reach the accumulated openings to obtain a guaranteed jackpot for each random box!”

- Natasha Package and Jackpot Packages

“Obtain Natasha, essential upgrade packs and mercenary outfits! Includes the latest costumes!”

-  Spartacus Great Sword

: Fixed an issue where Triumphant Strike never triggers on attack

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