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Patch Notes - April 26, 2023

  • Apr. 28 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 461970! With April ending, we’re rounding up this month with a series of minor fixes, adjustments and an introduction to Brilliant Acong!

Green Foody will be taking her leave in today’s update, along with remaining Leprecoins and Pot of Gold Tokens!

Much, much, more here in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

-  Merc. Skin

: [NEW] Hippolyte: Queen of Desire

-  Puzzle Piece

: [NEW] Sealed Piece of Origin – Greed

“Hippolyte embraces the essence of one of the many original sins: Avarice! Dominance is all that the amazon queen strives for in battle as she dons the Queen of Desire skin!”

- Misc.

: [NEW] Brilliant Acong Coin

- Box

:[NEW] Brilliant Acong’s Selection Boxes

“Brilliant Acong only wishes that you enjoy the festivities in whatever time it may be! A mysterious partygoer Acong who carries with them collectibles from past events! Check Brilliant Acong out near Rome Plaza to see what they have in store!”

- Accessories

: [NEW] Lord’s Ring of Authority / Honor

“Mysterious rings that holds Lord’s and Lady’s overwhelming authority! Exclusively for Main Classes, these pair of rings can bolster your power; enough to even demoralize your enemy foes!”

- Collection

: [NEW] Shining Goddess Collection

“You can now take advantage of additional bonuses as you register +4 Shining Goddess accessories into your collection book! Check out your Collection Book to view the newly added collection bonus.”

- End of St. Patrick’s Day 2023 – Part 2

: Green Foody leaves Rome Gate

: Leprecoins and Pot of Gold Tokens removed

“Green Foody departs from Rome after a month filled with St. Patrick’s festivities! She returns to her humble abode prepping for more events to come!”

- Pre-loaded AO Day May 2023 Setting

: Activation starts at the first day of May

- Monthly Exploration May 2023 Setting

- Sealed Piece of Original Sin - Greed

“Obtain Hippolyte’s Queen of Desire skin through the  Sealed Piece of Original Sin puzzle piece! Includes atlas ore and other essential items!”

- Yong Yong’s Exchange

: Added Dual Dragon Challenges – exchange with Sealed Fire Drake’s Cubes and Sealed Wyvern Cubes

- Momotaro’s Exchange

: Added the following items to the exchange:

: Mad Cannon Horse

: Cannon Horse

: Fallen Lea’s Wings

: Ares Divine Wings

: Lilith’s Wings

“Due to an unexpected error regarding the ‘Fly, Run, Collection Box’ the set of items have been added to the exchange at the cost of a few Cherry Blossoms and Bouquets.

Additionally for the sudden Sealed Wyvern and Sealed Fire Drake’s cube error, the remaining cubes will be used as exchange materials at Yong Yong’s exchange shop for Dual Dragon Challenges”

- [Revamped] Honey Jar Dungeon

: Changed clear condition: “Rewards based on kills to Kill all monsters”

: Now ends faster when you have defeated all dungeon monsters

: Rewards : “Water of Life 30x

: Scaling: “Changed scaling rewards for Level 161 and higher & added scaling rewards to Level 181 and up

: --- a small chance to obtain a Brilliant Acong Coin---

- Pity System

: Now added to the following boxes

: Chaos Costume Random Box

: Chaos Scythe Random Box

: Venetian Costume Random

: Venetian Gondola Box

- Sheriff Skill Preview: Quick Draw

: Fixed an issue where Quick Draw’s information doesn’t show on Sheriff’s Mercenary Page

- Recruitment Quest : Centaur

: Fixed an issue where there’s a missing objective unit

: Target objective re-added to the quest

- KR version items

: Certain KR version items will be deleted during this updated

: Cannon Horse(kor)

: Mad Cannon Horse(kor)

: Fallen Lea’s Wings (KOR)

: Lilith’s Wings (KR)

: Ares’ Divine Wings(KR)

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