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Patch Notes - June 7, 2023

  • Jun. 08 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 462000! This update brings an end to the invasion of Outworld Beasts. As the monsters’ numbers subside, Sorel informs the nearby locals to now take it easy. For the Atlantians continuous efforts, he thanks everyone who has taken part in quelling the beast’s invasion.

Meanwhile, back in New York their train system seems to be up and running, what could be all the hullabaloo?

Much, much, more here in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:

Much, much, more here in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- [NEW] Costume

: Nostalgic Retro Outfit Set

: Emotional Retro Outfit Set

- [NEW] Decoration

: Acong’s Classic Game Console

: Acong’s High-end Game Console

-  [NEW] Mount

: Tuk Tuk

: Model Tuk Tuk

“Hip and cool! The style of the early 2000s is truly something to look back into! Get Nostalgic! Get Emotional with the Retro Set!”

- Collection

: [NEW] Emotional Retro Collection

“Embrace a bygone generation! Collect the Retro Set and gain collection buffs!”

- [NEW] Monthly Hoard

: Order of the Paladins

“The Order of the Paladins swear an oath to rid the world of crawling shadows and evil. The Seraph guides you, and ordinance is your very being. Be blessed by the grace of the Seraph!”

- Mouth of the Abyss (2023) Part I

: Mouth of the Abyss teleport and dungeon closes

: Hourly event item reward removed

: Disabled quests from NPC Sorel

: Disabled Outworld Beast spawn

“Sorel thanks the many Atlantians in getting rid of the Outworld Swarm. Locals now safely return to their everyday lives with no worries of beast to crash their homes.

Speak to Researcher Caleb in Rome’s Plaza to help you out with any leftover Malignant Shards you carry”

- Mystery Train (2023)

: [NEW] Exchange NPC Mystery Train Guide

: [NEW] Mystery Train Ticket

: [NEW] Quests from Passengers

: [NEW] Mystery Token

: Hourly rewards activated

“Back in America, the train finally begins their operations. However, after a series of unfortunate events, the train ends up in a hostage situation!

But alas, no one can pinpoint who exactly caused this mess. It’s up to you Atlantians to solve this case and find the perpetrator behind the hostage taking!

A random passenger seems to be waiting for you to begin your investigation. What do they have to offer?”

- Millenial Costume Random Box

- Millenial Mount Random Box

“Obtain the Retro set! Comes with the Retro Outfit set and essential items!”

- Exchange Shop: Pointry

: Added Items: Sae’s Concert Hall Ticket, Back Alley Gate Key, and Corrupted Key

- Fixed the issue of Goddess Accessories cannot be enchanted

- Battlefield K.D

: Back Alley Gate Key

: 200 > 50 Symbols of Glory

< > See List