October 11 Patch Notes

  • Oct. 12 2017

[October 12, 2017 Update]

PATCH NOTES 10/12 2017


▷ Update

- Server Refresh

Bug Fix

- Guild Tax Bug : Taxes can't be paid.

: This bug has been fixed.Taxes can be paid now once a month.


- Return of Infinity Challenge : Ended on October 5, 2017

: [Infinity Challenge Medal] has been removed.

: NPC [Infinity Acong] has been removed.

Updated Item Mall

- Added [Twilight Wind Random Box] (No trade)

: Chance to get [Black Wind], [Red Wind], and the Very Rare [Twilight Wind],and other useful item.

Details of the [Twilight Wind Random Box]

:Chance to get 1 of the following items

*Twilight Wind Special Skill does NOT stack with 'Active Mercenary Boost Scroll' from White Package.

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