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Zack Reawakens!

  • Mar. 26 2020

Greetings Atlantians!

After a long absence from the game GM Zack is now resurrected! Let's have a welcome party for his homecoming!.

Reawakens Mini Tournament!

Form a team of 2 or 3 of your choice for mini PvP Tournament at Titan Server.

Note: If you join cathegory of 2v2 your not be able to participate on cathegory 3v3. Vice versa if you join 3v3.


Starting March 26, 2020 around 14:00 PST to 15:00 PST there will be an in-game announcement for the countdown of the event. You can form your team and submit your entry to the GM available in every server or you can message them via Discord.

[GM] Katsy-AR for Argos Server

[GM] Dr.Zack_^ for Alexandria Server

[GM] Ellesmere-MC for Macedon Server

[GM] Mekanizm-SK for Sikyon Server

[GM] Purrfectionist for Thebes Server

Within the interval of 1 hour those who send their team composition will be able to participate. So don't be late!  Match bracket is random! There is a chance that you encounter the GM TEAM! 

Rewards for the winners is a SURPRISE! Come and Participate at Titan Server.

Other random events will appear during the mini tournament!

See you at Titan server!

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