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Patch Notes - December 21, 2020

  • Dec. 22 2020

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for December 22, 2020! In today’s patch, we’ll be saying goodbye to Mr. Turkey man as he goes back to the world beyond to continue his Turkey hunting.

As for what’s in store, it’s the Christmas season! The doors of Holy Town open welcoming Atlantians to celebrate the season of giving. Ms. Santahontas returns with some new goodies to share.

- Server Refresh

- Mysterious Dragons

“The Dragon Gods have descended upon us and are seeking out any warrior worthy of their draconic power. They have left their eggs nested, however, it is unobtainable by many…"

- Modified Dungeon

: Dragon Trial Course

: Bosses now drop "Black Dragon Gift" instead of "Trial Key"

: Intermediate and Advanced Trial Keys can now be bought from Proctor [Dragon Trial Merchant NPC]

"The Dragon Trial Course has been revamped allowing you to obtain rewards consistently. Head on over to the Dragon Trial Course and look for Proctor to gain access to all of the trial’s levels."- End of Thanksgiving Event

: Removed Thanksgiving Quest NPC

: Removed Halloween Exchange NPC

"As snowfall gradually increases, the rampant flock of turkeys also begins to flee the area thus officially marking it as the end of this bountiful seasonal harvest

Merchant Acong will be leaving to restock soon but has decided to stay to celebrate the Christmas Season."

- Start of Christmas Event [Holy Town - Dungeon]

: New Rewards (as well as returning rewards) Available

"As the yuletide season comes, the wind gets colder and the danger comes closer! Holy Town has returned and is once again under siege by monsters! Ms. Santahontas and Holiday Acong needs your help to save Christmas!"

- Yong Yong Exchange [Christmas Edition]

: New Contents

"For a limited time, Yong Yong will be offering an exclusive item exchange this holiday! Be sure to pay him a visit and check out what’s in store!"- Radiant Crest Random Box

- Lucky Christmas Package

- Santa Christmas Package

- Santa Christmas Card

- Winter Fantasy Bundle

"It's been rumored that the Noble Family's crests hold an indescribable power but no one but the Noble Family knows the truth. Obtain the Radiant Crest and set ablaze with style and nobility!

Check out the Item Mall for more information on the radiating crest!"

- Fixed Teleportation Bug for Tomb of Immortals

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