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Patch Notes - February 04, 2021

  • Feb. 04 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for today’s version 461420. In this patch, we’ll be looking into some changes on Traveling Theater and Scary Acong’s Fishing event as well as the return of the Lucky Golden Pig!

|We’ll also be adding in some changes to the Golden Empire Defense raid dungeon.

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- Added New Weapon

: Dell’arte’s Ambition (Sword)

“The blade emanates the flames of ambition. This weapon was kept within the troves of the Traveling Theater meant for emergencies that are beyond negotiating.”

- New Accessories

: North Star (Necklace)

: Kochab (Ring)

: Pherkad (Ring)

“A dying star has granted these jeweled accessories to those who are willing to inherit their will. While melancholic, you however feel a surge of unspeakable power...”

- New Title

: Title: Ringmaster of the Theater

“Title bestowed to Atlantians that have conquered the whimsical circus! Every theatrical act did just by the point of your fingers.”- Traveling Theater

: Updated Exchange Rewards

-> Dell'arte's Ambition 1 pc.

-> Title: Ringmaster of the Theater 1 pc.

-> Dell'arte Party Invitation 3 pc. Daily

-> Skill Books removed from Traveling Theater shop

“Traitor Capitano has restocked with some new items ready for purchase. Check him out at the Traveling Theater gate and see what he has to offer.”

- Scary Acong Fishing Event

: Additional Exchange Rewards

-> Unnias the Strong 1 pc.

-> Premium Acong Bait (Unlimited)

“Fisherman Acong has brought out his secret weapon, the Premium Bait: the grand bait for your fishing needs! He’s also now willing to keep his one of a kind pet dragon Unnias which he hauled during his fishing trip. Available now in the exchange shop!”

- Yong Yong Exchange

: Christmas Card Exchange Contents removed

“Yong Yong waves a rather late goodbye to another Christmas Event. Due to that, all Christmas related merchandise in his shop has been sold out.”- Lucky Golden Pig Random Box

“The Lucky Golden Pig returns along with revamped contents! For more details, check out the Item Mall menu to see what goodies await!”- Golden Empire Defense Raid

-> Added New Material

: Fading Star Fragment

“The Fading Star will be used in crafting the latest new accessories: North Star, Kochab, and Pherkad. Obtain the glimmering fragment through the exchange shop and forge the starry accessories to enlist the fading star’s help.”

-> Riederan Raid Boss Buff

“Riederan has come back stronger than before. Gear up as he attempts to lay siege to El Dorado once again.”

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