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Patch Notes - April 29, 2021

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for today’s version 360510! For this patch, Spring Gardener offers a new reward for players who attended this month’s Spring Blossom Fest!

A Purr-fect set of Cat Themed items have arrived, be sure to check out what’s in store!

We’ll also showcase some new arrivals for today’s Item Mall Content and some other adjustments.

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- New Mounts

: Purrfect Gray Car

: Purrfect Black Car

- New Decorations

: Panda Bamboo

: Cat Model Fishing Rod

“New cat-themed mounts and decorations have arrived! Origins of its design and materials are of great mystery. One thing is for sure however, the designer of these fast and furious feline mounts must sure love cats.”

- New Set Bonus

: Furmidable Set

“Upon successfully collecting all the Furmidable Gear, players will be rewarded with a set bonus to display unfathomable animalistic fury!”

- New Title

: Cherry Blossom Tourist

“New Spring Blossom Themed Title available for players!”- Removed Green Foody NPC (St. Patricks)

“Green Foody has now finished packing her wares saying goodbye to another St. Patrick’s Day. Until next time!”

- Spring Blossom Event

: Added Title: Cherry Blossom Tourist

“Spring Gardener bestows the new event exclusive title for players who dropped by this month’s Spring Blossom Festival”

- GM Event

: Added Panda Bamboo

: Added Purrfect Gray Car

“Yong Yong now offers the Gray Furmidable Mount and Decoration Set! Check out the GM Event Shop down in Rome Gate for more info.

- Monthly Exploration

: May - New Rewards

“A new month, a new start. Look forward to the new exploration rewards for this month!”

- Cuddly Pajamas Random Box

: Contains Cuddly Pajamas Costume Set

“Cuddly Animal Pajamas perfect for sleeping, working at home, and even in combat! Functional and stylish! Incredibly adorable!

- Cat Fishing Rod Random Box

: Contains Cat Model Fishing Rod (Decoration)

“The purr-fect equipment for catching a cat’s prey! It’s also effective equipment for combat. ”

- Purrfect Black Car Mount Card

: Contains Purrfect Black Car (Mount)

“The purrfect adorable ride for Cat Lovers! You could say it’s a Furr-ari!”

- Riederan's Card Package

- Albius Dragon Costume Box

- Winter Noble's Snowstorm

: Attack and Stats lowered

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