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Fallen Realm of Transcendent Legends

  • Oct. 28 2021

Amidst the accursed lands of Avalon lie a towering palace known to have housed all manner of god-like entities. What was once a gleaming fortress that is said to have given hope to those who have at least caught glimpse of its walls now is but a very image of a cage that has housed a would be calamity.

This was none other than where the Great Wizard himself, Merlin, stood by as the grand observer of civilizations for centuries. In that context, one could say this was mankind’s greatest watch tower.

Legends foretold that this very same fortress was where many great heroes were immortalized after accomplishing countless deeds throughout their lifetime but having heard of the tragedy that has befallen Avalon, one may wonder how the souls of such legends could be affected; will they too be twisted, corrupted and churned by the essence of dark magic same as what has become of the Merlin we know of today?

Nonetheless, the call to arms now brings us to the forsaken lands of Avalon where the grand watch tower of mankind looms over, challenging all manner of life to rid itself of evil once and for all.

Be wary, while these were mere legends, one must be cautious as they enter the corrupted palace. Will we encounter the corrupted souls of heroes spoken of in the legends? Will we face Merlin not as a grand observer but as a dark wizard?

The answer lies within …



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