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[NEW DUNGEON] Fallen Realm of Transcendent Legends Game Guide!!

  • Oct. 28 2021

Fallen Realm of Transcendent Legends

VFUN would like to present to you the new dungeon, Fallen Realm of Transcendent Legends. An Indipendent Dungeon which features challenging mobs, new item materials, new quest, new accessory via crafting and Merlin's 5th skill.

[How to get a key? Go to Pointry]

NPC Pointry sells the key to open Fallen Realm of Transcendent Legends for 2500 Battle Points.

[Dungeon Rewards]

Once you completed the dungeon, you will be given rewards which includes the new crafting material, skill book and accessories.

[New Quest!]

New Indi. Dungeon quest available which when finished, you will be given the choice to pick between two titles.

[New Titles]

New titles will be available to NPC Elaine which will have a new tab to exchange using the new crafting material, Seer's Stone.

[Dungeon Location]

The dungeon will be located outside London between Stonehedge.

Are you up for the challenge? Discover other details by conquering the dungeon. Have fun, Atlantians~!

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