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Happy Valentine's Day

  • Feb. 10 2022

The Season of Hearts Return!

This Valentine’s Day, the Queen of Hearts begins her Chocolate Production, however, all of her Chocolate sources have run dry.

She now calls for all Atlantians to help her start her chocolate factory by obtaining all the Cocoa Fruit anyone can find in the land.


EVENT DURATION: February 10 – March 09, 2022


1. Defeat any monster you encounter along the way.

2. Every monster you kill will have a chance to drop an event material called “Cocoa Fruit”.

3. You can use “Cocoa Fruit” to craft “Proof of Love”.

4. For every 14 pieces of “Cocoa Fruit” you can craft 1 piece of “Proof of Love”

5. Collect lots of “Proof of Love” and exchange it to Event NPC Valentines Queen at Rome Plaza.

Obtain enough Proof of Love and you can be awarded an event exclusive accessory fashioned by the Queen of Valentines herself!

The Chocolate Production now rests in your hands Atlantians!

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