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Patch Notes – February 24, 2022

  • Feb. 24 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 461690! Today’s patch continues the celebration of the Season of Hearts! Tackling new collection book sets and other adjustments.

On another news, Grave Woods will also be closing its entrance in preparation for a much spookier event!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- Packages

: [NEW] Sweet Valentines Set Boxes

“You can now obtain the Sweet Valentines Aesthetic Set. Each box is separated for Love Bringer’s Set, Heart Wings Decoration, and Heart Balloon Mount”

- Collection Book Sets

: [NEW] Metis and Hestia Accessory Set

: [NEW] Love Bringer’s Collection Set

“The Queen of Valentine’s now awards Atlantians who have completed her Love Bringer’s Collection with a newfound power!”

- Grave Woods

: Gate disabled

“The deathly merchant lingers on for a while as the tunnel to Gravewoods closes. Not much is known about his purpose nor his wares but some speculate that he prepares for a much more ominous awakening.”

-  Cake World

: New Year’s Acong Removed

 “New Year’s Acong has finished cleaning up their wares and party favors, thus finally closing their shop. With the mess out of the way, they now head back home waiting for another New Year Celebration to kick in.”

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