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Patch Notes – March 10, 2022

  • Mar. 10 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 461700! Today’s patch greets the blooming of sakura blossoms. Cherry blossoms have spread out across the land signaling townsfolk to begin their spring cleaning.

In need of more hands, the people seek out willing Atlantians to aid them in their bountiful harvest of cherry blossoms. The Spring Gardener returns to aid us in that very task.

Included this season is White Day, a time for everyone to receive their just desserts as a sign of affection! As part of the celebration, White Day-themed costume sets are now available!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- Costume Set

: [NEW] White Day Set

: [NEW] Sweet White Day Set

“This White Day, don the celebratory attire! Wear your best suits and dresses as you deliver chocolate to a special someone!”

- Decoration

: [NEW] Butterfly Wings – Base, White Chocolate, Sweet White Chocolate Variant

“Flutterby with the new Butterfly Wings which comes with a sweet decadent version!”

- Mounts

: [NEW] Strawberry Macaron – Base and Sweet Variant

“Ride the all-new giant Macaron! If delivering chocolates isn’t enough, give that special someone with a sweet strawberry macaron as a special surprise!”

- Grave Woods

: Grim Merchant removed

“As a preparation for the eerie forest’s spooky return, the Grim Merchant returns to the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to open his wares once again.”-  Valentines Event 2022

: End of Valentines Event

: Proof of Love no longer drops from world monsters

: Shop NPC stays until the next maintenance

“Thanks to the efforts of all Atlantians, the Queen’s chocolate production has been saved! Sweet Cocoa Fruits have all been secured and now the last thing she needs help with is clearing her shop!

Head on over to Rome Plaza and seek out the Queen of Valentine's chocolate-filled shop.”

- [Returning] Spring Blossom Event 2022

: [New] Rewards – White Day Sets

: Ice Tear Drops and Frozen Acong Removed

: [New] Box – White Cherry Blossom Box

: [New] Title – Softly

“Spring Gardener returns to Rome collecting Seed Pouches for his beautiful garden! New rewards are now available in-store and new items to obtain.

Seek out ‘Potted Cherry Blossoms’ scattered across the land to obtain Seed Pouches and use them to exchange for any of Spring Gardener’s wares.”

Waltz of the Blade magic damage fixed

-  Crafting EXP Books adjustment

:  Crafting Secrets changed to “Craftsman’s Manual”

:  Can now be crafted via the “Book” section crafting menu

- Renamed Crafting EXP Books

: Small Crafting Secrets -> Apprentice Craftsman’s Manual

: Normal Crafting Secrets -> Standard Craftsman’s Manual

: Artisan Crafting Secrets -> Master Craftsman’s Manual

: Book of Craftsmanship -> Artisan’s Book of Craftsmanship

: Book of Expertise -> Master Craftsman’s Book of Techniques

: Book of Mastery -> Master Craftsman’s Book of Secrets

: [New] Master Craftsman’s Book of Knowledge

: Golden Book of Craftsmanship -> Ancient Tome of Crafting

- EXP Books that can now be crafted

: Apprentice Craftsman’s Manual

: Standard Craftsman’s Manual

: Master Craftsman’s Manual

: Artisan’s Book of Craftsmanship

: Master Craftsman’s Book of Techniques

: Master Craftsman’s Book of Secrets

: [New] Master Craftsman’s Book of Knowledge

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