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Patch Notes – April 7, 2022

  • Apr. 07 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 461720! Today’s patch waves goodbye to the ever-blossoming Spring Festival. The petals have been cleared to make way for Easter!

Bunnies are out and about, especially a Giant looking one awaiting an Atlantian’s aid.

In other news, item mall features new arrivals for the month of April.

This and more here on today’s patch content breakdown!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- Costume Set

: [NEW] Dragon Warrior Set

: [NEW] Chosen Dragon Warrior Set

- Decoration

: [NEW] Mini Azure Dragon

: [NEW] Mini Guardian Dragon

- Mount

: [NEW] Azure Dragon Spirit

: [NEW] Guardian Dragon Spirit

“Harness the might of the dragon and channel it to your fists! Become the Dragon Warrior today with this new set! Comes with your very own mini dragon and ridable dragon spirit!”-  End of Spring Blossom Event 2022

: End of Valentines Event 2022 (Part 2)

-  Queen of Valentine NPC Removed

 “The Queen thanks the many Atlantians who have helped her in her chocolate production and in emptying her inventory. Despite her newfound knowledge of Chocolates, she continues to journey on in search of new kinds of chocolate for her future Valentine's events.”

: End of Spring Blossom Event 2022

- Cherry Blossoms Removed

- Shop NPC Stays until the next maintenance

“As the Spring draws to a close, so do the festivities. The Cherry Blossom petals have been swept and collected and our friend the Spring Gardener is satisfied with his garden.

While the event may be over, Gardener will be staying to clean up his wares and sweep the remaining petals left from the festival. Head on over to Rome Gate to check out his remaining stock of items.”

: Start of Easter Event 2022

- Quest NPC - Giant Quest Acong

- Shop NPC - Easter Token Collector

- Shop NPC – Researcher Caleb

“Giant Quest Acong returns trying to round up Foolish Bunny Acongs all over the area. Look for the Giant Quest Acong located in Rome Gate help him and you will be granted access to a special treasure trove!

Easter Token Collector and Researcher Caleb also come bearing gifts to any hardworking Atlantian this Easter! Both shop owners can be found in Rome Gate ready to sell their goodies. ”Crafting Workload Books

: Adjusted crafting requirements for the following Books:

: Master Craftsman’s Book of Secrets – Costs: Book of Techniques 10 => 5

: Master Craftsman’s Book of Knowledge – Costs: Book of Secrets 10 => 5

- Item Pickup

: Added “Get All” and “Get Selected” Button

: Adjusted UI for obtaining one item or all items in the Item Pickup Menu

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