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Mercenary Revamp – Riva Faust

  • Apr. 22 2022

Mercenary Revamp – Riva Faust

The Necromancer has been a reliable ally to Atlantians for the longest time using her skills to weaken enemies and casting her revival skill when things got tough.

However, she can be outshone nowadays by the newest supports and it’s easier to counter around her protective buffs and even her signature Resurrection skill.

For this coming update, we plan to increase her potential further as offensive debuffing support along with some added risks, yet highly rewarding effects, on her revival skill while not straying away from her defensive capabilities.

Watchful Soul

Necromancer gains Evasion and buffs the entire ally formation with Defense and Magic Defense.

Dark Mists

Increases target ally's Attack Power but reduces their Accuracy. If cast on a target enemy inflicts Silence and reduces their Accuracy.

Blood Curse

Casts a curse on a single target enemy decreasing their Action Power. Additionally, inflicts Guard Dispel and Silences them.

If target is affected by Lich's "Silence of the Grave", additionally it decreases the target's Defense.


Revives up to 3 allies in a column. Revived allies then gain Action Power. However, the caster dies upon activating this skill.

(Cannot resurrect allies that have fallen for more than 2 turns.)

The Necromancer has awakened to a new found power. Now it's up to you on how you can utilize it...

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