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Patch Notes – July 27, 2022

  • Jul. 28 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 461790! In today’s patch, we go back to a classic squad dungeon! The Haunted Tatami beckons Atlantians to take on their challenge once again featuring new rewards and materials, an updated quest line and a reintroduction to Empress Himiko tackling more on a more supportive role.

On another note, AOA will be receiving its next set of balancing focusing on buffs for main characters and other adjustments for mercenaries.

This and more here on today’s patch content breakdown!

Please refer to the details below:

Update Details

- Server Refresh

- [REWORK] Mercenary Empress (Himiko)

: Added 2 new skills

: [NEW] Sovereign’s Honor

: [NEW] Ruler’s Grace

- Mercenary Skin

: [NEW] Himiko: Summer’s Empress

“Even the stern Empress herself has time to relax on the beach!”

- Skill Books

: [NEW] Book: Sovereign’s Honor (I – IV)

: [NEW] Book: Ruler’s Grace (I – IV)

- Boxes

: [NEW] Tide Hunter’s Decoration Random Box

: [NEW] Tide Hunter’s Mount Random Box

- Pre-load August AO Day 2022

- End of Freedom Park 2022 (Part 2)

: Merchant Sol removed

“Sol now takes his leave thanking the many Atlantians who have helped him cleaned up the mess left from the onslaught of the wild outlaws. He’ll be on lookout along the way alerting the many heroes once again of any incoming assault on the peaceful park.”

- [NEW] Tide Hunter’s Decoration Random Box

- [NEW] Tide Hunter’s Mount Random Box

“You can now obtain the Tide Hunter’s Decoration and Mount along with essential items!”

- [REWORK] Empress (Himiko) Mercenary

: [NEW] Skill: Sovereign’s Honor – [PASSIVE]: When attacked, has a chance to heal Allied Ranged Mercenaries including Himiko herself. Healing scales with Himiko’s Attack. Does not affect Main Character.

: [NEW] Skill: Ruler’s Grace – [PASSIVE]: Grants Def, Magic Def, and AP to all Allied Ranged Mercenaries including Himiko herself. Buff does not affect Main Character.

- [REWORK] Haunted Tatami Dungeon

: New Drops – added Brilliant Soul Stone, amount dropped scales with level

: Dungeon Mobs – now scales with level, boss monsters attack power increased

: Quest Line – updated rewards and dialogues

- [Adjustments] AOA Mercenary Rebalancing


: [Adjusted]Sword Main – Counter Attack and Echo deleted, Chaos Edge level increased

: [BUFF] Spear Main – Flame Spear level increased

: [BUFF] Axe Main – Aggravated Assault level increased

: [BUFF] Bow Main – Silence and Arrow Cascade levels increased

: [BUFF] Gun Main – Immortal Lightning level increased

: [BUFF] Cannon Main – Blitzkrieg level increased

: [BUFF]  Staff Main – Flame Blow level increased

: [BUFF]  Instrument Main – Ravaging Melody and Requiem levels increased

: [BUFF]  Saw Main – Storm Blast level increased

: [BUFF]  Celestial Hunter – Hunter’s Mark, Parting Shot and Agile Counter level increased.


: [BUFF] Anne Bonny – Crimson Blade level increased.

: [BUFF] Michael – Mana Burn level increased.

: [BUFF] Morrighan – Odin’s Chain level increased.

: [NERF] Khun Phaen – Thunderbolt Slash level greatly reduced.

: [NERF] Okuni – Noble Sacrifice level reduced.

: [BUFF] Zhao Yun – Lightning Spear level increased.

: [NERF] Leonidas – War Cry level reduced.

: [BUFF] Jeon Woo-chi – Spirit Echo level increased

: [BUFF] Washington – Battlefield Courage and Patriotic Resolve levels increased

: [BUFF] Kim Yoo Shin- Hwarang’s Fury level increased.

: [BUFF] Cassandra – Shattered Sword, Broken Spear, Rusty Axe and Sundered Power Saw levels increased.

: [NERF] Carmilla – Dusk Elegy level reduced.

: [BUFF] Frank Reade – Broken Arrows level increased.

: [NERF] Rin – Empowering Control level reduced

: [Adjusted] Quilla – Stellar Hunt, Celestial Venom level greatly reduced; Star Spite level increased

: [BUFF] Shen Hong – Bloody Grasp and Soul Wound levels increased.

: [BUFF] Bai Xian – Immortal Lightning level increased.

: [BUFF] Kim Choon Sam – Dispersing Shadow level increased.

: [NERF] Ninetails – Foxfire level reduced.

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