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Patch Notes - January 18, 2023

  • Jan. 19 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 461910! Today’s patch tackles system updates and adjustments, and preparation for the upcoming Winter Tournament Major Event!

This and more here on today’s patch content breakdown!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- New Merc. Skin

: Isabel: Moon’s Shadow

- New Titles

: Tournament-related Titles

: Winter Tournament

: Autumn Tournament

: Summer Tournament

: Spring Tournament

- New Box

: +3 Shining Goddess Selection Box

- End of Santa Villa and Holy Town 2022  (Part 2)

: Santahontas removed from Holy Town and Santa Villa entrances

“Santahontas takes a break from the post-holidays clean up and closes her shop for the season! She thanks the many Atlantians who’ve helped her clean up her stock before her departure!”

- End of Yong Yong’s Christmas Exchange 2022

: Christmas Tab removed from Yong Yong’s Shop

“Yong Yong’s wares have now been hidden in his personal hoard! Christmas exchange will return on the next Christmas season!”

- Preloaded February AO Day Settings 2023

- [NEW] Moon Shadow Package

“Obtain Isabel’s Moon Shadow skin along with a pack of Mercenary Skin Enhancement Stones!”

- Judgement Weapon

: Fixed an issue where Judgement Sword cannot be enchanted

- Abyssal Weapons

: Fixed an issue where Abyssal Weapons cannot be repaired

Spartacus Magic Books (No Trade)

: Fixed an issue where Spartacus Magic Books [IV] (No Trade) only increases up to less than Lv. 80

: Level [IV] (No Trade) magic books increased level cap to 80

- Nice to Meet You 2023 – Event Title

: Fixed an issue where the title disappears when setting to favorites

- PVP Looting

: Fixed an issue where Sloth’s Weapons of any grade can be obtained from any PvP Mode

: No longer obtains said items

- Sage Sword Excalibur

: Magic level cap increases after upgrading to Dark King Arthur or Sage King Arthur

: Magic level cap increased from 60 to 80

Star Stone

: Now reduced loading time when adding slots to equipment

: Now reduced loading time when resetting slots of any equipment

- Outfit Items Color Text

: Certain items have changed text color to reflect their rarity

: Affected Items: Deep Sea White Shell, Enchanted Scythe of Chaos, Crown of Chaos, Space Helmet, Desert Explorer's Outfit, Garb of Chaos, Autumn Thief Costume, Winter Noble's Snow Garb, Anubis Grandeur Garb, Moonlight Wizard Set


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