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New Mercenary - Natasha

  • Mar. 09 2023

Assassins …

They are all hired guns, who ensure that the kill is well worth their paycheck. Their aim is well sharpened, their blades are honed keen, and their elusiveness, perfected.

“All they ever do is kill”

…but what happens when the same assassin, is driven by a strong sense of vengeance? One who lives and breathes exacting vengeance on those who have shaped their lives into madness?

That is none other than ‘NATASHA’ an assassin driven by her vengeance on those who have ruined her familys lives. Raised to kill and only kill, Natasha is built to never stop until she secures her targets heads. With strong tenacity and precise strikes, she is not one to be underestimated.

Natasha falls under the knight class, with a dual-blade weapon type. Natasha specializes in dishing out tons of damage and making sure her targets are weakened enough for a landing blow. As ‘Plan B’ after a failed kill, she can disengage safely boosting her defensive capabilities when focused upon.

Skills Preview:

Shadow Strike

Has a chance of summoning a shadow illusion, that deals additional damage whenever Natasha attacks.

Shadows Mark

Marks targets in a row using her mastery of debilitating shadows. Dealing damage, weakening their defenses and dealing damage per turn.

Blood Oath

Natasha will not stop until everyone is eliminated. Reduces incoming damage from attacks and gains resistance.


Empowered by the spirit of vengeance, Natashas offensive capabilities have been improved. Increasing her Attack Power, Critical, Evasion Rate and Multi-hit Rate.

Recruit the Assassin today!

Of course, she does not hire for cheap…

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