[EVENT] Valentine's Day Event

  • Feb. 15 2019

Somewhere in the land of Atlantica, there was a beautiful Valentine Queen who’s looking for a warrior worthy of her love. 

Warriors of Atlantica, prove your worth to the Valentines Queen's love in exchange of exciting rewards!

Duration: February 14 to March 14, 2019


1. Gather Cocoa from monsters all around the surface world!

2. Use Cocoa as a crafting material for Proof of Love under Food category.

3. Learn how to craft Proof of Love by visiting Pierre, Item Droid Sion/Chichen Itza Artisan.

4. Event NPC is located in Rome at the fountain.

5. Show your proof of love to the queen and receive event rewards.

Valentine’s Event Sale:

Atlas Ore x500 +75 (14% Off!)

Atlas Ore [E] x500 +75 (14% Off!)

Merc. Combat Searchbot Selection Box (14% Off!)

Cozy Treasure 5+2 (14% Off!)

Shaman's Sacred Treasure 5+1 (14% Off!)

Cat Garment Random Box 5+1 (14% Off!)

Item Mall:


Atlantica Team

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