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Patch Notes – October 27, 2022

  • Oct. 28 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 461850! In today’s patch, Goddess Lea will be leaving Rome to continue her surveillance over the land. She thanks all the Atlantians who have battled the horrendous beasts of the Banquet Hall.

On another note, the Spookfest continues! This update brings some new tweaks to our very own Patriot Mercenary!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- New Merc. Skin

: [NEW] Washington: Wild Hunter

“Obtain Patriot’s Wild Hunter skin! While a fierce and resilient commander, he is also one of the fastest gun slinging deputies of the wild wild west!”- End of Beasts’ Banquet Hall (Part 2)

: [EVENT] Goddess Lea leaves Rome

“Goddess Lea departs from Rome, continuing with her surveillance elsewhere. She thanks the many Atlantians who have aided her in her raid against the horrendous beasts. As such, her exchange shop in this update will be unavailable.”

- Preload AO Day November 2022 Settings

- [NEW] Wild Hunter Package

“You can now obtain Washington’s Wild Hunter skin which comes with a bundle of Merc. Skin Enhancement Stones!”

- Patriot: Washington Revamp

General Stats

: Washington’s overall stats have been increased moderately.

Battlefield Courage

: [ADDED] Now heals per turn while Washington is active.


: [ADDED] Now heals target allies.

: [ADDED] Can now also target enemies. Enemies affected by Camaraderie will take shared damage from their affected ally. They also take additional damage.Affects only a target row when in (PVP)

[NEW] New Skill: Unyielding

: (Available when in Patriotic Resolve State) Cast on allies to regain magic and increase magic defense. Cast on enemies to deal damage over time.

~ Login to receive Book:Unyielding [I] (No Trade) 10x ~

Washington's new Skill!


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