The World is waiting [Tania and Homecoming Event]

  • Nov. 03 2017

We’re launching an event for New and Returning Players with the release of the new upcoming mercenary, Tania!

[The World is Waiting] Event


    :(NA) Sept 21, 2017 (after the maintenance) ~ 17:59 of Oct. 18, 2017, PDT



[For New and Returning Players]

1. A Homecoming Box can be received by new players.

2. A Homecoming Box can be received by returning players who were unable to login for 30 Days or more.

* How to get the Homecoming Bundle Box?: In-game >> Item mall >>Receive Item

* New Players can receive this event item after Tutorial Quest.


Details of the Homecoming Bundle Box

[For Everyone]

All players are given a ‘Lucky Ticket’ in the Mailbox for staying online.

* Cumulative time resets daily at 0:00 (PDT/CEST)

* Maximum accumulated time : 5 hours

* If you move to another server, login time will not be accumulated.

NA: (ex. 25 mn in Argos-> move to Macedon : Cumulative time resets reset, 00 mn in Macedon.)

* Login time will not be accumulated in Titan server.

Exchange the [Lucky Ticket] to NPC Merchant Acong at Rome Gate.

* You can choice [Lucky License Box] or [Atlantica Homecoming Equipment Box] for ONLY 1 TIME. If you choice 1 time, you cannot exchange another item.  

Details of 3 Lucky Box

: You can get all of the items inside [Lucky License Box]

: You can get all of the items inside [Atlantica Homecoming Equipment Box]

: Chance to get 1 of the following items inside the [Lucky Jackpot Box]

See you all inside the game Atlantians!

VALOFE Operations Team

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