ATLANTICA DAY! October 27 and 28th!

  • Oct. 31 2018

Everyone is excited since it's that time of the month! ATLANTICA DAY has arrived!

Atlantica Day Events

1. Resting EXP. Boost 300% up

2. Diary EXP. Boost 300% up

3. Winner Gift Box Event

4. Jackpot Hourly Raffle (AT Day Jackpot Gift)

5. Party EXP Multiplier x2 and x3

6. EXP Bonus Time 300%

7. Crafting EXP 200%

8. Battle Buffs (Attack Power and Def +20%)

9. Buff Items Giveaway (To be posted soon!)

10. AT Day Sale (Mercenary, Legion, Books and Atlas Ores)

A chance of getting the [Atlantica VALOFE Day Jackpot Gift] from Coliseum/Free League Battles (Given at random to the participants of every league after achieving at least 1 victory)

Get the [Atlantica Day Jackpot Gift] from the following instances:

  • Hourly Raffle (Distributed randomly to online users every 2 hours)

  • Auction (Gift box will be registered in auction every 3 hours)

Aside from the Gift Boxes, you can get the [Atlantica Day Coupon] for every hour that you are online. The number of coupons will increase per hour and everyone can earn up to 6 coupons and a Honey Jar Key! These coupons can be exchanged for weapons to the Atlantacong NPCs located in Rome!

Atlantica Day Item Giveaway!

Get items on specific times, be sure that your character is online!

Atlantica Day Item Mall Sale!

Exclusive offers available only for the week!

Atlas Ore x1000 + 150 50% off

Atlas Ore x500 + 75 50% off

Atlas Ore x200 + 20 50% off

LImited Premium Package 50% off

White Package 20% off

Mercenary Skin Enhance Stone 50% off

Autumn Random Box 40% off!

New Featured Items:

Skater Costume Box 4+1

Lucky Skateboard Card 4+1

Radiant Essence Random Box 4+1 

Summoning Book: Empress Tianmo

Last chance to get! (Will be removed from the item mall after the promo)

Michael's Wing + Appearance Change Coupon

Sacred Michael's Wings Box

See you guys soon and have a great weekend!

Atlantica Operations Team

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