• Nov. 08 2018

Do you have the skills to become a champion?

Challenge other players in the titan server and become the TITAN CHAMPION!

Event Dates

November 10-11, 2018


1.  Participate on the free league to raise your competition rank

2.  Be eligible to join the Titan Grand Championship (Competition Rank 8 or above)

3.  The Champion and the runner up will get additional rewards.


Champion (1st place)

Atlas Ore x1000

White Package 30D

Star Stone Pouch x20

Scroll of Dragon's Lair x5

Runner-up (2nd place)

Atlas Ore x500

Star Stone Pouch x10

Scroll of Dragon's Lair x3

Remaining Participants (Rank 3-8) will get Atlas Ore x100 each!

Come and test your mettle! Prove your worth during these weekends!

Good luck Atlantians!

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