Atlantica Weekends EXP Boost + Giveaway

  • Feb. 24 2017


Greetings Atlantians of the world!

We would like inform everyone that there will be a Bonus EXP this weekends

on all server!

In addition, we will be giving away the Facebook Rewards that has been long overdue,

so make sure to log-in in these time!

Saturday - Medici's Platinum Box x 9 - 15:00 PST

Sunday - Teleportation License (7 Days) x 1 - 15:00 PST

Please spread the word to your friends, guildies and nation-mates!

There may be more suprises this weekends!

Atlantica NA:

Atlantica EU:

Sign Up here!

Kind regards and the greatest salutations to you our dear Atlantians!

Sincerely yours,

VALOFE Atlantica Online Team


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