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[EVENT] Jigsaw Puzzle Event

  • Apr. 15 2019

Jigsaw Puzzle Event

A beautiful image attracts everyone's attention. How about we divide it into many small pieces and scramble it together. Can you complete it? A puzzle with oddly shaped pieces. Each of those pieces is very important, it takes time and effort to complete it. Are you up to the challenge? Be the first one to finish the Atlantica jigsaw puzzle and get a surprise reward for your hard work. Clash with everyone and the person who finish the puzzle with, the less time will win.


To be able to finish the puzzle in a short period of time. Top 10 winners will received rewards.

Event Duration: April 15  to April 18, 2019, (Monday to Thursday)

Event Mechanics:

1. Players/Contestants will carefully check the original image of the puzzle that will be posted in FB page.

2. Visit the website of the event.

3. Timer will immediately start when the player clicks the piece of the puzzle.

4. There are 300 pieces of puzzle to be completed.

5. Complete the image, took a screenshot and put a watermark on it to secure your record. 

6. Comment your image together with your Character name and Server. (Automatically disqualify if no Character name and Server)

7. 10 Winners who completed the puzzle in a short time will received the rewards.

8. Strictly one character per entry only. Stealing order screenshot/record = disqualification.

9. Like FB page, Share the post in public and put caption "I completed the puzzle with 300 pieces!"


~EXP Concentration License (3Hrs) x 2

~100% Exp. License [IV] 2 Hours x 3

~Spring Random Box x2


~Surprise reward to be announce after the event.

Have fun and enjoy

Atlantica VALOFE Team

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