Screenshot Event!

  • Jul. 15 2019

Greetings Atlantians,

Freedom Park and Hainan Fireworks event released last July 11, 2019. We just want to know what is your experience during the event. Tell us your story of freedom when you explore the event dungeon, and help NPC Luna with her quest to get rid of the monster inside Freedom Park.

Got an invitation from Captain Ruka? Well we would also invite you to tell us what is your strategy when persuading the traveling acongs. Mr. Klutz and Captain Ruka conduct a search for the most interesting story teller of their experience during the event.


Make a screenshot or GIF of your character inside the game and tell us a tale of what you have in mind doing quest or sightseeing during the event period. You can choose Freedom Park or Hainan Fireworks theme, if you do both much better. There are more chances of winning, exciting rewards will be given to the most interesting story teller of the events.

Every participant can entry 2 tales of stories, one for Hainan Fireworks and one for Freedom Park. Sending 2 entry for one event (Freedom Park or Hainan Fireworks) will be invalid. Only one entry per event will be counted.

We will choose 10 lucky winners for Freedom Park stories and Hainan Firework stories. If you win on both category, the prize you will receive will be double. Winners for the event will receive 1 exclusive title of their choice and 100 Atlas Ore. If you win on both category, you will receive 2 exclusive title and 200 Atlas Ore.


•    Story

•    Screenshot or GIF

•    Character Name and Server

First wave of winners will be announce on July 26, 2019.

Second wave of winners will be announce on August 9, 2019.

We will be reading your entry Atlantians! Goodluck!



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