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Atlantica Day! (August 2020)

  • Aug. 28 2020

Greetings Atlantians!

Get ready and get excited! It’s that time of month again. Atlantica Day is here!

Atlantica Day Event Buffs

1. Resting EXP. Boost 300% up

2. Diary EXP. Boost 300% up

3. Winner Gift Box Event

4. Jackpot Hourly Raffle (AT Day Jackpot Gift)

5. Party EXP Multiplier x2 and x3

6. EXP Bonus Time 300%

7. Crafting EXP 200%

8. Battle Buffs (Attack Power and Def +20%)

9. AT Day Sale (Mercenary, Legion, Books and Atlas Ores)

10. Atlas Ore Enhancement discount -20%

AO Day Jackpot

A chance of getting the [Atlantica VALOFE Day Jackpot Gift] from Coliseum/Free League Battles (Given at random to the participants of every league after achieving at least 1 victory)

Get the [Atlantica Day Jackpot Gift] from the following instances:

•Hourly Raffle (Distributed randomly to online users every 2 hours)

•Auction (Gift box will be registered in auction every 3 hours)

Atlantica Day Coupons

Aside from the Gift Boxes, you can get the [Atlantica Day Coupon] for every hour that you are online. The number of coupons will increase per hour and everyone can earn up to 6 coupons and a Honey Jar Key! These coupons can be exchanged for weapons to the Atlantacong NPCs located in Rome!

Atlantica Day Item Mall Sale!

Atlas Ore 1000 + 150 - 4999 (-50%)

Atlas Ore [E] 1000 + 150 - 4999 (-50%)

Noble Aristocrat's Mount Card 5+1

Rare Camel Card 5+2

Feathered Floaties Random Box 4+1

Summer Vacation Bag 5+1

Blazewheel Puzzle Piece 30% Off

Explorer Costume Random Box 10 + 1

Incarnation of Archangel Card [5+2]

Sporty Backpack Random Box 4 + 1

Lucky Skateboard Card 4+1

Grim Ripper Package

Hippolyte Glorious Package

Art gallery Pass 5 + 1

Dark King Arthur's Book: Dark Legacy [IV]

Christine’s Book: Quick Draw IV

Sage King Arthur's Book: Sage King's Dignity [IV]

Tania's Book Box [IV]

Odysseus Book: Athena's Armor [IV]

Be sure to log in this weekend for those bonus EXP and buffs!

See you in-game and have a great weekend!

Atlantica VALOFE Team

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