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Lunar New Year Sale and Valentine's Weekend Giveaway!

  • Feb. 11 2021

Happy Valentines Atlantians!

Can you smell the sweet scent of chocolate lately? Love is in the air, and so are the gifts for this season.

As our gift of thanks to the community for this heartwarming season, we'll be holding a giveaway event!

Here's a sneak peek of the items to be given this weekend!

In celebration of 2021 Lunar New Year we will having a 3 days special sale! 

Here are the list of items for sale!

Flaming Dragon Mount Card 10+1

Phantom Joker Jackpot Package

Space Booster Random Box 10+1

Noble's Decoration Random Box 10+1

Mwindo: Anubis Package

Dimension Overlord Exia Card 5+1

UFO Card 10+1

Atlas Ore x1000 25% off!

Atlas Ore x500 25% off!

Ancient Fox Tail Card 10+3

Haunted Dragon's Challenge (20% off) 3+1

Lunar Moon Card is the newly release mount for Lunar New Year 2021

Happy Lunar New Year!

Spread the love!~

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