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Patch Notes – September 8, 2022

  • Sep. 08 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 461820! For today’s patch, the Carribean Seabed closes its doors! Treasures have been retrieved, and the sea creatures have all been pacified. Wotello thanks the many Atlantians who joined her on her grand Pirate’s Treasure Hunt! She will be staying till the next update to count all of the collected treasure.

However, while the little game of Pirates has ended, a common threat holds a grand gathering of demonic beasts! Their purpose is unknown however Goddess Lea will not be taking any chances. Head on over to Rome Plaza to learn her battle plan.

This and more here on today’s patch content breakdown!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- Costume Sets

: [NEW] Raven Warden

- Mount

: [NEW] Warden’s Night Wings

: [NEW] Watcher’s Shadow Wings

- Decoration

: [NEW] Warden’s Night Raven

: [NEW] Watcher’s Shadow Raven

- Collection Book

: [NEW] Dark Watch Collection Set

- Boxes

: [NEW] Raven Warden’s Outfit/ Decoration/ Ride Boxes

- Titles

: [NEW] Title: Beast Crusher

: [NEW] Title: Banquet Guest (Banquet Hall’s Master)

“The Dark Watch is a company of scouts tasked with alerting royalties of impending danger. They tread through the night, elusive and deadly. They are geared for swift ventures, and quick skirmishes. A Dark Watch member is commonly accompanied by their pet raven who are also decorated based on their ranks. High ranking Watchers become Wardens, boasting powerful dark magic and control a fleet of fledgling Dark Watch.”

- System

: [NEW] Guaranteed Acquisition

“Introducing the guaranteed system. Which is currently applied to the latest random box.

[How it Works]:

- After opening a certain number of boxes, you are guaranteed the target item.

- Progress is displayed as a bar that shows on top of the opened box.

- Progress resets once you’ve obtained the target item.

- Guaranteed item occurs on

180th ~ Costume Box,

130th ~ Decoration Box,

80th ~ Mount Box

Note: System is currently applied to the following boxes:

- Raven Warden's Random Box

- Raven Warden's Mount Random Box

- Raven Warden's Decoration Random Box .”

- End of Pirate’s Treasure Hunt 2022 (Part 1)

: Caribbean Seadbed entrance closed

: Hourly rewards updated

: Caribbean Ticket no longer usable

: Exchange shop Wotello stays until next update

“Wotello thanks the many Atlantians who joined in on her treasure hunt! While the traces of the seabed have all been washed away, Wotello happily counts all her gold coins! Head on over to Rome Plaza to exchange remaining Pirate’s Gold Coins.”

- [NEW] Start of Beasts’ Banquet Hall 2022 Event

: New Map and Event Entrance – Beasts’ Banquet Hall / Dining Room

: New Rewards – Raven Watcher Set

: New Monsters – Bestial Mobs

: New Hourly Rewards

: New Event Shop NPC – “[EVENT] Goddess Lea

“Goddess Lea alerts the Atlantians that a suspicious gathering of demons has been sighted near the Cretan Labyrinth. She promises brave heroes strength if they could obtain a proof of their entry to the Beasts’ Banquet Hall!

Head on over to Rome Plaza, near the fountain and speak to Goddess Lea and learn what’s in store for brave Atlantians.”

- [NEW] Raven Warden’s Random Box

- [NEW] Raven Warden’s Mount Random Box

- [NEW] Raven Warden’s Decoration Random Box

“You can now obtain the Raven Warden’s collection set along with essential items!"

- Lightborn Deity, Exia

: Fixed an issue where her model is incorrect

: No longer displays glitched feet

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