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The Frozen Heart of Antark

  • Nov. 11 2022

The frozen lands of Antark houses plenty of threats, all of which a common Atlantian have never dared face before. However, this does not frighten curious researchers as they search for the secrets of Antark, its history and what treasures lie beneath the glaciers.

Prepare your mightiest warriors Atlantians, as we dive deep into the newest contents in the Antark Update!

Entering Antark

1. Players must be Level 180 to proceed

2. Obtain the Key of Antark from the Grimm Brother's located outside the entrance

3. Getting the Key will require 1,000,000 Gold

Once you've entered, you'll be met with an encampment where three personnels are stationed.

New Quests (?)

Facilitator Gigas requests the eradication of a certain spiraling dungeon. You can speak to the machine in order to get started.

However, Aaron Reisner talks of a different area; a frozen dungeon. Speak to him to learn more of this research.

Note: Both quests are weekly. (Resets on Monday)

Antark Outpost Shop

The captain carries essential items to assist you in your journey through Antark. But what are such items?

A Weapon Forged from Sin

Researchers discovered of an ancient weapon known to harness the power of sin, however obtaining them will require effort, time and your blood. Your crafting skills will be put to the test.

Such weapons will require a remnant of a sin in order to reach its full potential, IF, it really is its full potential....


- A level of crafting that surpasses normality

- Materials from the many challenges found in Atlantica

- A brilliant stone, a place inhabited by Coyote's?

- A piece of ice, from Antark perhaps?

(Note: You can obtain such ice from abandoned chests)

The New Areas

The journey to the north will be perilous, but, that is up to you to decide...

~ Atlantica VALOFE Team

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