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Blissful Christmas Time! 2022

  • Dec. 22 2022

The yuletide season beckons many Atlantians to join in on a once in a year celebration, a festivity to commemorate the presence of comrades, and even enemies, (frenemies perhaps?) and to all the memories shared in another bygone year!

What better place to celebrate these festivities than a trip down to Holy Town! With Christmas lights strewn across the streets, the smell of freshly baked pastries, with a light blazing over the horizon, the town truly cannot be contested as the brightest town in over Atlantica!

However, with the return of the peaceful town, there will always be those who wish to see it in its exact opposite. Monstrous raiders plot to invade the humble village and ensure that this jolly celebration can go down in shambles...

Little did they know however, that Atlantians are always watching! Always ready to serve and protect! When a humble town seeks out salvation, armies of heroes will come to do your bidding!

Now, grant the children their much needed Christmas, and you might just be the next Santa Claus!

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