2019. 01. 10, Atlantica Major Update

2018. 01. 10, Atlantica Major Update

Start the year with these amazing updates! Level Cap Awakening.
Starting January 10 2019, you can now level past 180 and level up further!

2018. 01. 10, 12월 27일 180레벨의 최고 레벨이 확장됩니다.

Prepare your heroes for a new chapter of PvP arena,
raids and maps that will test you and your mercenaries mettle!

The time has come, unleash the power and get ready to ascend to the top! Break the limit!

180레벨의 한계를 뛰어넘은 주인공 앞에 어떤 것들이 기다리고 있을까요?

Fortify your HERO with the New 170 Talents!
Level 170 Talents revealed! January 10 2019
Clash with other heroes and determine who's the strongest with the NEW 13 Talents to choose from!

  • 1. Artillery Protection
  • 2. Enhanced Hunter's Mark
  • 3. Amplify: Magic Damage
  • 4. Enhanced Concentration
  • 5. Amplify: Magic Skill
  • 6. Camaraderie
  • 7. Union
  • 8. Eternal bond
  • 9. Empowering Spark
  • 10. Amplify: Magic Action
  • 11. Absolute Fortification
  • 12. Eradicate
  • 13. Reinforced Powersaw

New Talent image

What talents awaits the main heroes to unlock their max potential?
It is for you to find out!

Talent List image

Hey there adventurer! New to Atlantica?
A helping hands is on its way
Return of the Mentor System! January 10 2019

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Starting from scratch? Quest is too tough? Worry not!
With the help of a Mentor, discovering the world will be more easier!

The Improved Mentor and mentee system is back.
Challenging quests are now more doable with your mentor!

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Clash with the best with a new PvP Challenge!
Chaos Ladder PVP! January 24 2019

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Challenge your rivals with the new Chaos Ladder Mode.

Carry your formation with pure skills and ability, equipment different won't be any issue. Show us what you got!

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Atlantica's 11th Anniversary Special!
Birthday Event blast! January 10 2019

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We want express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who loved and supported Atlantica Online
for 11 years and for more years to come!

We have prepared an awesome event for everyone!
Gather your comrades and play together!

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