Item Mall


A cool box that contains Steampunk Chopper MK I and the very rare Diesel Steampunk Chopper MK II and other amazing items.

Diesel Steampunk Chopper MK II x1
Steampunk Deco Random Box x3
Character Level Up Ticket (Mercenary Only) x1
Extra Inventory License (Perm.) x1
Steampunk Deco Random Box x2
Sheriff's Book Box [I] x1
Steampunk Chopper MK I x1
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal x75
Search Song-i License (30 Days) x1
Medici's Deluxe Box x35
Atlas Outfit Stone x25
Steampunk Deco Random Box x1
Atlas Ore x25
Atlas Ore [E] x25
Sheriff's Book Box [II] x1
Merc. Room License (Perm.) x2
Operation Orders x1
Lucky Enhance Stone x10
EXP Concentration License (1 day) x3
EXP Concentration License (3 Hrs) x5
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel x30
Lilith's Supply Box x1
Advanced Trial Key x10
Heavenly Crystal x50
Secret Vial of Potential [II] x30
Assassin's Projectile Box x1