Item Mall


This box contains one of the following items when opened.

Warrior's Prestige  
ItemName QTY
Noble Mount Collection Box 1
Noble Decoration Collection Box 1
Warlord Package 1
Christine Package 1
Vampire Package 1
Tarkan Package 1
Druid Package 1
Odysseus Package 1
Guan Yu Package 1
Valkyrie Package 1
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 150
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 50
Oriharukon 150
Enhance Stone [VI] 50
Enchant Stone [VI] 50
Ahammad's Mount Box 1
Soul Jewel x 160 Box 1
Ornate Supply Box 1


Noble Mount Collection Box
Immortal Demonic Beast
Mad Cannon Horse
Luxury Classic Car
Endangered Rhinoceros
Captain Panda


Noble Decoration Collection Box
Dark Omega Wings
Hi-Tech Mecha Wings
Vicious Fire Dragon Wings
Cold-hearted Skuld's Wings
Fallen Lea's Wings