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Keyboard Controls

Basic Controls

Space - Inventory

- Inventory

Alt+Z Friends List

- Freinds List

Tab Select Next Mercenary

- Select Next Mercenary

Alt+R Auto Move

- Auto Move

F1-F5 Use Quick Slots

- Use Quick Slots

Alt+P Personal Shop

- Personal Shop

1-9 Select Mercenary

- Select Mercenary

Alt+K Skills

- Skills


- Activate Chat Box

Alt+L Quest Log

- Quest Log

M Map

- Map

Alt+N Character/Rank/Point

- Character/Rank/Point

ESC Exit Game

- Exit Game

Alt+J Item Information

- Item Information

    Alt+W Toggle User Interface

- Toggle User Interface

  • Mouse Left Change Viewpoint
    Change Viewpoint
  • Mouse Right Rotate


W Move Forward

- Move Forward

S Move Backward

- Move Backward

X Sit

- Sit (Available after completing a special quest)

A/D Rotate/Right

- Rotate/Right (Turn Character while Auto Run is On)

Q/E Strafe Left/Right

- Strafe Left/Right

Numlock Toggle Auto Run

- Toggle Auto Run

  • Mouse Left Start Conversation
    Move to the Clicked Spot/Attempt to Start a Conversation
  • Mouse Right Change Viewpoint
    Change Viewpoint/Manual Popup/Turn character while Auto Run is on
  • Mouse Scroll Zoom In/Zoom Out
    Zoom In/Zoom Out

Combat Controls

A - Basic Attack

- Basic Attack

CTRL - Toggle HP Display

- Toggle HP display

Tilde - Skip Entire Turn

- Skip Entire Turn

1-9 Select Mercenary

- Select Mercenary

S - Search

- Search

QWERT - Skill Hotkey

- Skill Hotkey

G - Defend

- Defend


- Move Camera

F - Selected Mercenary Skips turn

- Selected Mercenary skips turn

M - Toggle Camera Effects

- Toggle Camera effects

D - Change Selected Mercenarys Formation Position

- Change selected mercenary's formation position

X - Search All

- Search all (Available after completing a special quest)

  • Mouse Left Common Attack
    Common Attack/
    Search Quick
  • Mouse Scroll Quick for Wizards
    Quick for Wizards